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Our API is currently in a very early state. Using it right now implies acknowledging you want to be an early adopter and you accept we might do some changes in a non backward compatible way. Of course we will try to avoid this kind of changes and will alert you early on. Don't forget to subscribe to our developer mailing list to be warned of those changes.

Welcome on board! At Sencrop, we love developers. This platform's is intended to bring you everything you need to invent tomorrow's farming practices.

Wondering what the hell is Sencrop? Check out our corporate website.

If you are new to the Sencrop API, you may want a quick introduction to our API usage.

Also, you can directly check our API reference for a more direct appraoch.

Finally, if you use Swagger and/or JavaScript you may find interest in our open-source tools).

We wish you an exciting journey through the Sencrop world! Feel free to contact us if you have any question!

PS: This website source can be found on GitHub.

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